1. 防寒服・雨具
  2. 必要な寝具(寝袋など)
  3. タオル
  4. 現金
  5. 満面の笑み

What to bring

  1. Warm cloths.
  2. All the bedding you need.
  3. Towels.
  4. Cash.
  5. A smiling face.


  1. 自然へのリスペクト
  2. お互いへの思いやり
  3. 地元の方への配慮と感謝
  4. Noプラスチック
  5. 眉毛やテントなど燃やさない
  6. 指定ケイタリングの方のみ台所立ち入り可
  7. 火災の恐れのある電気、ライト、ヒーターは使用NG
  8. 花火や直火禁止
  9. 焚き火や喫煙は指定の場所で
  10. 開場にペット同伴NG。車にペットの置き去りはもちろんNO
  11. ドローン禁止 
  12. 個人的な楽器の演奏、ステレオや音響機器使用はお控えください
  13. お茶、コーヒー、ソフトドリンク、水、お酒は会場内のカフェ&バーからお求めください。水は無料。
  14. 消音0時。その後は静かにお過ごしください。
  15. フェスティバル中は写真&ビデオ撮影が行いますのでご了承ください
  16. 違法行為(違法薬物、凶器持ち込み等)は警察に通報します。またイベント中警察のパトロールも予期している
  17. イベント中、何かありましたらスタッフにお声掛けください。
  18. イベント中リストバンドをつけて出入り可能です。再入場の際は再度持ち物チェックを行います。

Rules and Etiquette

  1. Respect nature.
  2. Respect each other.
  3. Respect the locals.
  4. No single use plastic.
  5. We don’t want any singed eyebrows or burnt down tents.
  6. Only the designated caterers will be allowed to operate cooking equipment.
  7. Lights, lanterns and heaters that have a flame will not be allowed on site.
  8. No fire eating, fireworks or explosives.
  9. The only bonfire will be in the designated fire pit. No other BBQ’s or campfires.
  10. Animals are not allowed on site. Don’t leave your pet in the car.
  11. Because the local area has many outdoor Onsens, drones are banned by law. They are also annoying so leave your drone at home.
  12. Smoking is only allowed in the designated smoking area. Don’t smoke in the tents.
  13. No musical instruments, stereos or sound systems.
  14. Tea, coffee, water, soft-drinks, and booze is available on site. You are not allowed to bring your own. Drinking water is free.
  15. Music will stop at midnight. Please enjoy camping quietly.
  16. We will be photographing & filming the event and there is a chance that you will be in the footage.
  17. Unlawful behaviour and dangerous items, such as weapons and drugs, will be reported to the police. Expect the police to be visiting the event.
  18. If you are feeling vulnerable or worried about someone else, talk to a member of staff.
  19. You can leave and re-enter the event site when you want. Every time you enter the site you might be checked for naughty items.